All New Updated Features

Dream Kit Soccer are special for Dream League Soccer (DLS 2019) fans to play the game with real teams kit in this game.

By using this app, your can easily copy the kit URL by click “Copy URL” button.


Premier League Kits

Get all complete kit for 20 Premier League teams for 2019-2020 seasons.


Bundesliga DLS Kits

All brand new Bundesliga Kit for Dream League Soccer. Completed for 18 teams kit.


La Liga DLS Kits

Wait for next update for complete La Liga Dream League Soccer kits.


Click To Copy URL

Just click the button to copy Dream League Soccer kits url and paste in game to customize.


All Kits Sorted

All kit was sorting well by each league and easily to scroll and find your favorite kits.


All Kits From Kuchalana

All Dream League Soccer Kits on this app was make by Kuchalana. Kuchalana was make Dream League Soccer League kit since 2016.

High Quality DLS2019 Kits

All Dream League Soccer Kits in this apps was make by and you are free too use this app. This apps will was very easy to use, click on ‘copy URL’ and paste the url into DLS to change …


Thanks For Supporting Us!

Dream Kit Soccer will give you the high quality of DLS Kit to you play in DLS 2019. We provide to you complete kits for EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga and many more kit all aorund the world.

Please support us to use this app and we will make more kit with high quality and always give the best for all DLS 2019 fans.

Fantasy Kit Soccer

Another app from us, it was special customize Dream League Soccer kits.

Fantasy kit for Dream League Soccer game. Play with more fun with unique kits.


We give to you fantasy kit for several team like Barcelona, Liverpool, Chelsea, R Madrid and many more.

Also you will get anime kit, we create special for this app and not same like others kits.